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Flooding in Krymsk July 6, 2012: eyewitness, eyewitness video
In the night of July 7 Krymsk Krasnodar region faced a wave. According to eyewitnesses, the wave height was 7 m worst thing that many people Krymsk while they were asleep. And the flood, they met in a dream. Water for a few minutes to fill the first floors of the houses. Who could, was selected to the roof, without having to bring even valuables.
Here is what eyewitness actually happened in Krymsk during flooding July 6, 2012:
Yulia Andropova user writes: "The Crimean washed to the ground. The worst thing is that it happened at night, people in the dream sank with their families, not waking up. At 3:00 am, I went out into the street, the water was not there, but at 3:30 am it was already flooded. It is strange to see how the first floor of the apartment (which are quite high base) cavity are covered by water. On the wall of the winery's water mark reached 7 m! All ... all shopping centers, markets, shops - nothing. Car stick in the windows, the beams sticking out of the windows of two-storey flats! On Sovetskaya Street house completely washed away, as if they were there never was! Lunacharsky on home ruined by Novorossiisk were visible only the roofs of houses and the people who were sitting on the roof and asked for help .... ".
User Mark Kovalenko, "That does not rain and rain ... This is - a disaster ... a wall of water, it was hard to breathe. Neighbors barely escaped ... Grandmother pulled out through the window. Even the documents do not have time to take ... The other - the river broke 20 m concrete fence, entered the yard, smashed cars vacationers, destroyed the garden ... Blocks away from the fence were on a nearby street 60 meters from the site of the breakout. Water Street is still, though, and weak stream. "