ответить на вопросы. 1. Where is US situated? 2. What is it washed by? 3. What is the typical weather of the country? 4. What is the scenery of the country? 5. What is the population of the country? 6. What are the most famous places to enjoy the beauty and power of wild America? 7. What mighty rivers of the USA do you know? 8. What big mountain chains can you name? 9. What attractts people to the Grand Canyon? 10. Why do peple say that the US is a young country? 11. What do the authors of the text say abut Americans" likes and interests& 12. How do you understand the phrase "The US is a big melting pot"?


Ответы и объяснения


1. it's situated in the south of  America.2. the US is washed by the Pacific Ocean , by the Atlantic Ocean  , by the Carribean Sea  and the Gulf of Mexico.3.From cold  Alaska to sunny Florida.4. there are many  wild areas, parks , forests and  wildlands.5. more than 250 million  people live in the USA.6.the places of enjoying it: the Grand Canyon,Yosemite Valley and Yellowstone.7. I know the Mississippi, the Colorado the Missouri.8. The Appalachians.9. the canyon looks different t different times of  day, at sunrise and sunset the red , gold,brown and orrange colours of the rocks.10. because  its written history is only a few hundreed years old.11.Americans are interested  in old traditions  , but they good  at doing new traditions too.12. I understand it like explonaton it's  great number of nationalities.



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