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Healthy lifestyle - the way of life, aimed at disease prevention and health promotion. You can also say that a healthy lifestyle is the correct order of the acts, designed to promote health. Even this can be added: "This is a list of rules that must be followed."

The notion of "healthy lifestyle" is not yet clearly defined. Representatives of philosophical and sociological trend is considered a healthy lifestyle as a global social problem, an integral part of the life of society as a whole.
In the psycho-pedagogical orientation healthy life from the perspective of consciousness, human psychology and motivation. There are other points of view (such as biomedical), but a sharp boundary between them, since they are aimed at solving one problem - improving the health of the individual [1]


Today's society more and more people are fighting for a healthy life. They do not smoke, do exercise, do not eat unhealthy food. Their main goal - to preserve life to lead an active life and live longer.

A healthy lifestyle includes several components. If people want to follow this way of life, he gives up bad habits. That is, does not smoke or take drugs, drink alcohol or use it a little.

More specifically a man walks in the fresh air, the air regularly apartment, doing exercises or jogging in the morning, doing some sport. So it supports your body in good shape.

Another factor of a healthy lifestyle - a healthy diet. The people who practice it, to respect the meal, try to eat only organic foods. They both can eat less fast food, food with dyes and preservatives. They have on the table a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In order not to harm the body, such people restrict themselves to greasy, fried, smoked foods. After all, excellent food does not mean that it is useful.

People who fight for a healthy life, try to live so that was less stressful. They learn not to worry about nothing, do not spoil your nerves. After all, as they say, nerve cells do not regenerate.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle - this is good, and I support it. My parents and I keep a part of the rules of healthy living. Why not all? There should be a strict discipline to all, and it is difficult to get used to it right away. But maybe someday we will keep all the rules. After all, I want to be strong, healthy and strong, not to spend his life on the disease and medications.