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The Collector

The Collector by John Fowles was first published in 1963 and is a kind of a harror story.It is one of the best and most fasinating books I have ever read.It holds your attention from the very beginning and becomes more and more shocking as the story unfolds.

The main  character is Frederick Clegg , a lonely young man, who works as a clerk in a city hall.Clegg collects buttereflies and is obsessed with Miranda Grey, an art student.He admires her from afar, fascinated by her every move, but he is unable to make any contact with her.He is too shy.

The turning point in the story is when Clegg wins a lot of money and desides to make his dreams come true. He buys a remote country cottag e, kidnaps Miranda and keeps hr there to admire her and her and make her love him.He wants to take photographs of her because she is his latest and most precious 'butterfly'.

One of themost interesting aspects of the story is the portayal of Miranda.She tries to find a way out from the strange situation she finds herself in but she is very confused.She goes from one extreme to the other, from trying to understand Frederick to thinkingof killing him.In th end she falls ill, probably with pneumonia and dies.Clegg does nothing to help her.

The Collevtor evokes a number of different emotions in the readr.You try to understand Clegg.You sympathise with Miranda.You wonder how the story will end. This is a book which , once you have started, is impossible to put down.




London is the biggest city in Britain.Over seven million people live and work in london.

London is also one of the most important cities in the world.It is a centre for business and tourism.

There are many exciting things to do in London.The city has got some of the best theatres and museums in the world.There are a lot of places to go at night.it is a fun city!

The Romans came to Britain in AD 43.They built a town on the River Thames.They called the town Londinium.

Soon,they built a bridge over the river.Londinium grew bigger.Ships came to the town from all over Europe.

The Romans built roads from Londinium to other parts of Britian.By the year 400,there were fifty thousand people living in the sity............

 Most of the famous old buldings are north of the river.The houses of Parlament are in Westminster.They are the centre of the British government.People call the tall clock tower by the Houses of Parliament Big Ben.In fact,Big ben is the name of one of the bells.There are many government building in this area.Downing Street is nearby.The Prime Minister lives in number 10,Downing Street

Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous churches in London.It is very near to the Houses of Parliament.The Abbey is more than nine hundred years old.In 1953,Queen Elizabeth 2 was crowned there.

Another great London church is St Paul*s Cathedral.It was built by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of 1666.From the top there is a good view of the City of London.You can visit the cathedral by walking across The Millennium Bridge,from the South Bank.