Нужно составить диалог. 24 реплики. На английском . Сначала беседа между двумя приятелями, а потом заказ еды у официанта.


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  • Addie
  • середнячок

-Hello Ann!
-hi,I am glad to meet you
-mee too,so let's go to the Smith's cafe,I heard there are really delicios fish.
-really?I like fish very much/Let's go!
-So,where would you like to sit?
-hmm..you know Josh,I prefer to sit near wiht window.
-I like to watch to the nature and passers by.
-Okay.Let's sit near with window.Can you see waiter?
-Yes,he is near with door,I think he saw us and sooner will come.
-I see.He is coming to us.We have to decide what we will eat.
-Yes,you are right
-(waiter)Hello,can I help you?
-Yes,we would like to make order.
-Ok,I am listening.
-Josh,you are first.
-All right.So I would like to order fish,orange juice and potato.Ann,now you.
-Soo..I would like tea,fish and pasta.
-(waiter)That's all?
-All right,everything will be ready after about 15 minutes.Wait a bit please.
-Ok,thank you.