A friend who lived in Australia(tell) one day by his neighbour living across the road that he (be away) in England for a few weeks. The man further explained that his house (decorate) at the moment but he (leave) the country the next day, as he(not see) his rich relative for a few years. He said he hoped his neighbour(look) after his house properly. The first week passed withhout any incident. Soon the decorators packed up and(leave). But the next day the good friend (catch) sight of two fellows at his neighbour's door(pack) rolled up carpets into the old van. "Hey", cried the man, "What the hell you (do)? I (look) after the house for a week already an I (not want) my friend(get) angry when he (return) home" The two fellows explained to him that the owner of that very house (order) (clean) his Persian carpets while he(be away). They managed to make him (believe)that it9be) true. The friendly man (think) that his own carpets (need) cleaning. He always (be) a bechelor and everything in his house (suffer)from his carelessness. So he (agree) with the two fellows that they (add) the expenses secretly to his neighbour's bill. The happy carpet- cleaners (lay) all the carpets into their van and(drive) cheerfully away. While they(drive) they(make) fun of the man they so cleverly(deceive). There (be) no need to say tht neither of the neighbours ever(see) their carpets again. Помогите поставить глаголы в правильное время, плз!


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told, was away, decorated, is leaving, catches, 

"What the hell you doing? I looked after the house for a week already an I doesn't want my friend got angry when he returned home"