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Which way of traveling do you prefer?

Do you like staying in hotels?

Do you have friends in other countries?


Ответы и объяснения


Какой путь путешествовать Вы предпочитаете?
Вы любите оставаться отелями?
У вас есть друзья в других странах?

I love to fly on plane. Yes, I love. I often there бываю. No. But I think, will.

Чем смогла, тем помогла


I prefer travel by plane. Because it is the most fastes and comfortable way. I like stay in hotels because it relaxing you needn't worried about where you'll sleep or what will you eat on dinner. Ofcourse  it's not chip, but it is worth it . I have many friends in others contries and by this way I practising my english.