I woke up but couldn't open my eyes. The curtains B3__(CLOSE) and still the light seemed too bright. All my body hurt and I had a sore throat. I knew that it was warm in the room, but my B4_____(FOOT) felt as cold as ice. I looked at the clock - it was about nine o'clock. I could hear that mum was cooking Sunday breakfast. But I B5____NOT BE_ hungry at all. I felt very thirsty and I wanted to stay in bed for the rest of the day.

"Why are you still in bed?" Mum entered the room and opened the curtains. "We B6___WAIT for you in the Kitchen. Breakfast has already been served."

"Sorry, mum, but I'd better stay in bed. And could you bring me some tea?"

Mum came up to me and B7_____TAKE my temperature. "OK, I will bring you hot lemon tea. You can have it here. It'll make you feel much B8____GOOD ".

She left the room. I was thinking about how silly of me it was to fall ill on Sunday, the only day in a week when I B9____(NOT HAVE) to go to school.

Emma opened the envelope and got the card from inside. What could it be? It was anB10____ to a New Year party in the local Jazz Club. It wasn't a B11____ party for children with Santa Clause, Christmas Carolsand reciting poems. There have been lots of parties of that kind in Emma's life. She enjoyed them in her B12____, but they didn't attract her any more - now she found them very B13____ . A party in the Jazz Club sounded like a good plan. There was only one thing Emma worried about - what to wear for the event? Who could she ask for advice? Her elder sister worked as a shopB14____ in the central department store. She probably could give her some idea of an outfit.





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B3 were closed
4 feet
5 was not hungry
6 are waiting
7 took 
8 better
9 didn't have to
10 invitation
11 traditional
12 childhood 
13 boring
14 assistant