Из данных предложений сделать предложения,в косвенной речи.

1)Remember that there are some subjects that are so important that everyone has to study them seriously.

2) Make a list of your skills and interests.

3)Match your interests and abilities with subjects you are going to study.

4)Get key skills that employers want to see in their employees.

5)If you have lots of job ideas, find which qualifications you need for each job.

6)Get information about the courses that are offered by your school.

7) If you can`t choose a job right now, don`t panic , find more information from books, websites and organisations.

8)Discuss your choices with your relatives.

9)Don`t be afraid of making decisions, just think of all the opportunities and see what you really want.


Ответы и объяснения


1. he asked to remember that there were some subjects that were so important that everyone had to study them seriously.

2. he asked to make a list of my skills and interests.

3. she asked to match my interests and abilities with subjects i was going to study.

4. he asked to get key skills that employers wanted to see in their empoyees.

5. не знаю

6. he asked to get information about the courses that were offered by my school.

7. не знаю

8. she asked to discuss my choices with my relatives. 

9. не знаю