Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в требуемом времени ( Present Perfect или Past Simple)

1) I (met) Mr and Mrs Shelley. _________

2)She (start) school in 1984 ____________

3) I (leave) the office early last night ________

4) He (see) the film________

5) (You be) to Austria? __________

6) (You see) the film on TV last night?______

7) When (you arrive) in London?_________

8)John (be) to Germany before_______

9) (You read) this book before? _________

10) I (not see) him yesterday______

11) I never (go) anywhere by plane_____

12) (You hear) their new record? It's the best they' ve ever made._________________

13) I (not know) about the disco last night.________


Ответы и объяснения


1) met

2)has started

3) left


5)have you ever been

7)did you see

8)has john been

9)have you read

10) didn`t see

11)have never gone

12did you hear

13 didn`t know


























2. has started 

3. left

4. he has seen

5. have you been

6.  have you seen

7. when did you arrive 

8. were

9. have you read

10. i did not see

11. i have never gone

12. have you heard

13. i did not know 

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