Нужно: этот текст написан в настоящем времени его глаголы нужно переставить в прошедшее.Тоесть из настоящего времени сделать прошедшее.Сделать надо два текста,я их обвела.Они во вложениях. ПОМОГИТЕ УМОЛЯЮ ЗДАТЬ НУЖНО ЗАВТРА


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1. I could tell you about my friend Henry. he was a good person. And he tried to do many things. He liked photography.  But he could not orginise his work propely and he didn't make these photographs carefully and neatly. That's why they were not often a succes. I didn't think that it was good to start work but not finish it propely.

2. I thought it was possible to be good in many things. My friend Lisa was naturally talented. She had a lot of talents. Yet she worked so hard. And she has achieved much. She was an ace  pupil ( she had got A's in  most subjects). and at the same time she was a top sportsman. She jumped highest. Besides she was really a good friend.