Ask questions to the following sentences.

1. I go to school every day (Who?)

2. We went to Moscow yesterday (Where?)

3. They will pass exams in June (When?)

4. My mother has been cooking since morning (How long?)

5, I study English because it is an international language (Why?)

6. I am from Ukraine (Where?)

7. He has got two cats (How many?)

8. Sasha plays the piano well (How?)

9. We have written a dictation three times (How many?)


Ответы и объяснения

1.Who go to school every day?
2.Where did you go yesterday ?
3.When will they pass exams?
4.How long has her /his mother been cooking
5.why do you study English?
6.where are you from? many have you got cats? does Sasha plays the piano many have you written a dictation?
Я не уверенна,что это 100% так,но я бы написала так
Лучший Ответ!

1. Who goes to school every day?

2. Where did we go yesterday?

3. When will they pass exams?

4. How long has my mother been cooking?

5. Why do you (I) study English?

6. Where are you from? (Where am I from?)

7. How many cats has he got?

8. How does Sasha play the piano?

9. How many times have you (we) written a dictation?