Correct the mistakes in the following sentences/ 1) I don't like living here because I've got a few friends, so my social life is extremely boring. 2) She smokes too much. She's already been smoking two packets this morning. 3) I RATHER GO TO THE BEACH THAT THE CINEMA. 4) In my opinion, no other country is exciting or interesting as Cuba. 5) Environmentalists tell us that animal species such as tiger will be extinct within thirty years. 6) One advantage of living in a city like the New York is the huge choice of things to do.


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1 - got не надо, во втором предложении замени been на was т.к это она курила утром тобеж прошлое время,  4 - is AN exciting, 5 - походу.. that необьязательно, 6 - the перед New York не надо