Помогите написать рассказ на одну из этих тем, можно и по русский 1) My trip to the country 2) A visit to the zoo (farm, safari park) 3) How I decided to be green 4) Nature and us: how i learned my lesson 5) An adventure


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Last year I went to the zoo. I remember that day, it was sunny and clear. The day passed and I missed the action for free, because I bought a two six-pack beer. I especially liked the giraffes and hippos. I love animalsa so "m ready to the zoo for hours. That day in the examination of all the animals it took me 4 hours. Unfortunately I did not get to terrarioum as when it was being repaired. I have many pictures and got good photos for the albom. I also liked the panda. I tried to treat them with beer, but they refused. In the end, I drank it all himself. Joy and merriment went to home.