Срочно!!!!!!!!!!Срочно!!!!!!!!!! Составь те рассказ на тему как я провела 8 марта.Рассказ должен быть на английском языке 6-7 предложений.


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I'd like to tell you how I spent my last March, the 8th. When I woke up, I saw flowers near my bed. They were from my brother. my mother gave me my favourite perfume and my father - a bracelet. I spent whole day with my friends. We met at the cafe, drank some tea with a cake. Then we went to the park. We had fun there together. In the evening we danced a lot.

It was the greatest day in this mouth! My parents and relatives gave me a lot of amazing presents:(какие?). We spent 8 March in the park with my family and friends. The weather was fine so everybody enjoyed this walk. After that we went to the cinema and watched a nice film. When we returned home, we were very tired, but happy.