Переведи пожалуйста с русского на англизский Таск1.

ето задание на прошедшие времена из раундапа


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It was a nice winter day. The sun was shining and through the clouds the parts of sky were seen.  

Den and Martin decided to skate on the lake not far from their house. Den's mother didn't allow him to skate alone but they were skating together and it was not dangerous.

Both friends skated very well and spent great time on the lake. They had been skating for an hour, Martin went ahead when the ice had broken and Den fell to the water. 

Martin tried to save his friend singly. He took off his scarf and threw it to Den. Den seized the scarf and Martin took his friend out of the water. 

Fortunately somebody saw what had happened and called for help. At that moment when ambulance car pulled up the boy had already got to the bank of the lake and were standing there trembling with cold. Rescuers covered the boys by blankets to warm them up and sent them to the hospital.

Fortunately everything ended well.