Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!!!Нужно написать текст по плану с использыванием фраз на другой картинке(pros,cons,alternatives). Первый пункт плана делать не нужно.Пункты плана и фразы во вложениях.


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The advantage of watching TV is a simple way to relax. You watch TV when you are tired and it helps to forget your problems. It also tells us what is happening in the world. It is a great way of spending free time. There are a lot of channels and you can see everything  you want - films, news, sport, games, shows and so on, 

But watching TV is a passive activity. You lie on the sofa and do nothing. TV is a bad influence on people. Especially on children and teenagers when parents don't pay attention what are they watching. We talk less. We are as a zombie - TV zombie. 

Instead of TV you can go to the museum. listen to the radio, read newspaper. 

As for me I like watching TV. I like watching films. Especially I like detective and action films. But I try to watch TV not very often.