Ребят очень прошу,составьте 7 предложений с косвенной речью,используя в предложении слова: Invited,explaned,traveled, learned, liked,happened , tried , changed, suggested, offered, watched, engoed, believed, advised, printed.


Ответы и объяснения


My uncle was invited at the birthday party by his friends.
This task has been explianed to me by my teacher.
The ice-cream was offered me by my friend.
That sport club has been adviced him by his father.
The Broadway show was watched by million people.
This dirty towels will be changed by our maid.
Our new books were printed by this man. 


1.She said that she had been invited to the party the day before yesterady.

2. They said that they had travelled a lot.

3. He said that he had offered his help to his mother the previous week.

4. She said that she had tried to do that work without a help.

5. They said that they had liked that film.

6. My grandmother said that she had changed all the curtains in the house.

7. My parents said that they had watched that film the previous month.