напишите сочинение на любую тему на английском языке вмести с переводом!!!!


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        The horrible nightmares.

                I was in the garden, when I heard some strange sounds. I thouhgt that it were my friends, because they liked scaring me. But I was wrong.

                A picturesque view was ruined by a horrible creature, which got a humped back, hairy body, huge head, short arms and long legs. Also it got a monkey-like face. It was the most terrible monster, which I had seen. The situation was ghastly, because I didn’t know what I should do. If you stare at his eyes, you’ll transform into a stone, because its glance is murderous.

                I started scampering away, when this creature saw my presence. I had been running the whole hour, but the monster didn’t keep up.

                Then I swerved from the main street of our town and … woken up. I just saw horrible nightmares.