Помогите пожалуйста написать краткое содержание любого фильма или мультика на английском языке)Большое спасибо)Очень надо!!!


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A cartoon about the fate of the mammoth, which accidentally escaped extinction of mammoths (frozen in permafrost, and then melted) and now looking for my mother. Latvia acquainted with a white Teddy bear and walrus, which sent him on an ice floe in swimming. The wise old grandfather Walrus tells мамонтенку that far to the South there is a huge continent, where live animals, similar to it, only without wool. There might be his mother? Latvia sent to the distant swimming through the ocean to find her. He reaches of Africa, where she meets the monkey and бегемотиху, and finds her mother elephant. Now he is not alone, and he has a real friendly family! It does not happen in the world to have lost children!
The song, which Latvia sings on the way across the ocean, at the present time is the unofficial anthem of the institutions for children-orphans and children left without parental care. In it, every child expresses a hope, there's bound to be someone you need and in a new family will find the long-awaited happiness.