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elebrities should be involved as ambassadors of goodwill?
The answer "yes" should! The Finance of many celebrities reach many millions! But how many money is necessary for the person routinely for a good life? This figure will not reach also thousand dollars a day. According to in the Europe the living wage makes from hundred fifty dollars up to six hundred dollars. Celebrities earn the sums of hundred thousand and more for a concert, and it is much more for game in film. They should organize different charitable evenings, and the contribution ать means in construction of various establishments worldwide, for example such as houses for aged, children's homes, schools, and many others.Also they should thrust the finance in different funds, for example such as « Fund of protection of homeless animals », « Fund of the help of homeless children » « the Fund of the help of patients and to pensioners », etc. All over the world is a lot of people requiring in the help. And to disregard them it is impossible. Worldwide the set of thousand and is possible also hundreds children without parents, without the house, without clothes and without meal. It is a lot of also large families which also there is nothing to eat, there is nothing to go to school, etc. 

Celebrities not only should but also are obliged to help all those who requires their help.