You and your friend feelthatyou would like to join a youth movement. Make a dialogue and discuss which of these organizations you would like to join. 1)THE GREEN MOVEMENT 2)YOUNG PEOPLE FOR PEACE 3)THE STAY HEALTHY MOVEMENT Составить монолог, Нужно обсудить все темы и выбрать одну, от 15 предложений и более,


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- Tom, would you like to join one of the youth movements?

- For example?

- What do you think about "The Green Movement"?

- Well, maybe. I like nature. What about you?

- Me too. I'm sure that it cannot protect itself  from such a greedy species as human beings. It needs help.

- Absolutelly agree with you.

- What about another movement? It is called "Young people for Peace"

- Nice name and great goals it has, I guess. Every sensible person on the Earth wants to live in peace. Me too.

- That's right. I've heard about one more movement - The Stay Healthy Monement.

-Oh, souds great. I'd like to to take part in it. I'm for healthy life. I'm really against smoking, drinking, drugs and so on.

- I think I'll join this movenemt. Are you with me?

- I'll think.

- ok. They have a meeting tomorrow at 6 pm. I'm going. We could come together.

- I'll call you tomorrow after a considerate thought about it. Talk to you tomorrow. I need to go now.

- Bye, till tomorrow.