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Spring - This time of year many people call their loved ones. This is understandable: after the cold winter, long dark nights and gray days of nature begins to awaken. And the days are getting longer and the sun - really hot ground. Snow melts, spring ring drops.

When it is said that in spring nature awakens from hibernation, this expression is valid both in the literal and figurative sense. In the literal sense, in fact, awaken many animals that spent the winter in their burrows and dens. But in a figurative sense, all too true: all the vital processes begin to pass richer and faster.

Besides, almost all living creatures into being concerned about playing offspring. But before you do this, and the beasts and the birds take care of their homes, where they will show and educate their children. They clean their burrows, build nests. Birds lay eggs and then hatch.

Spring surprises every time it is this: the universal excitement. Buds burst chicks appear, people fall in love. Sometimes called spring lovers, because the emerging flowers and tinkling streams, and punching the grass, and the sun was hot - everything makes you want to enjoy life, to love.