выскажите своё мнение по поводу написанного в предложениях . согласны вы или нет .

на каждый пункт по 1-2 предложение .

1. A job teaches young people to realize a value of work. It helps them to understand how hard their parents work to buy them things.
2. A job distracts young people from their studies and homework.
3. No child should be allowed to work. Children and teenagers should rest
after school.
4. All young people should have some work experience. It can help them in the adult world and it can help them to decide what to do in the future.
5. Saturday jobs help parents financially. It's not always possible for modern parents to buy expensive trainers and clothes. Teenagers with jobs can save money to buy expensive things and help their parents.
6. Teenagers with jobs can't concentrate on their academic work and have fewer chances to go to universities and make a good career.
7. Doing part-time jobs teaches teenagers to budget their time, teaches them self-discipline they will need for making a success in life.


Ответы и объяснения


1)I agree, becouse everyone should respect their parents labour

2)I dont agree, i think, that young people have a lot of energy to wok and study

3)I dont agree, teenagers should wok, and help their parents!

4)I agree, experience is very important for employers

5)I agree, it is a good idea to work on saturdays!

6)I dont agree, i think that teenagers can do everything, if they want to do that.

7)I agree, in any case part-time job teaches teenagers be hard- working, and self-disciplined