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One miller had a daughter, and he once boasted to the king that she is able to spin gold from straw. He asked under penalty girl this job. In fact, she did not know how to turn straw into gold, but suddenly there was a dwarf, and offered to help. Girl for helping give the dwarf all the ornaments, but the king demanded more gold yarn: girl promised his future firstborn. Then the king took her to wife, and after the birth of a child was a dwarf, and demanded their reward. Queen begged to leave her child, and the dwarf made it a condition that if the queen can guess his name, he would leave her the child. The Queen sent a messenger to find out the names of the rare, and one messenger Queen overheard himself dwarf sings a song:
Today I bake, tomorrow I cook beer,
The Queen will take away a child;
Oh, well, that no one knows
What they call me Rumpelstiltskin!
Queen named the dwarf and anger stamped his foot so that sunk to his waist. Trying to get out, he tore himself in two.