помогите плз напишите в будущем времени

1 You can speak to him

2 You can dance there

3 We must stay here

4 I can help you

5 She must make sandwiches

6 She can read English books

7 They can go to the party

8 They must invite their friends

9 You can buy food there

10 We can grow vegetables


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1.  You will be able to speak to him.

2.  You will be able to dance there.

3.  We shall / will have to stay here.

4.  I shall / will be able to help you.

5.  She will have to make sandwiches.

6.  She will be able to read English books.

7. They will be able to go to the party.

8. They will have to invite their friends.

9.  You will be able to buy food there.

10.  We shall / will be able to grow vegetables.