Помогите написать по 2 предложения со словами :

1. Scarf - Шарф
2. Windbreaker - Ветровка

3. Shirt - Рубашка

4. Suit - Костюм

5. Pants - Брюки

6. Tie - Галстук

В Present Sipmle.


Ответы и объяснения

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1) My scarf is very nice and warm.

     These are our scarves, this one is mine and that is yours.


2) Your windbreaker is wet, change it.

     Where have you bought this windbreaker?


3) Your shirt is dirtier than mine.

     Give my new shirt, please.


4) Change your suit we are going to go to the theatre.

     He bought a new suit yesterday morning.


5) Will you buy these awful red pants?

     My pants are very dirty.


6) I don't like wearing any tie.

    This tie is very niice but too big.


Suit and tie are casual clothes Directors
Today it's cold and not up to Windbreaker