Употребить правильные формы слова: 1. When European economists assess how historic flight (DISRUPT) affect businesses, they find both winners and losers. 2. Airline companies are the most affected, facing (LOSE) of about £150 million a day. British Airways and other airlines said they are not (INSURE) against problems caused by volcanic ash clouds. 3. Fifty-eight services of the Channel Tunnel high-speed train company Eurostar were full. Thus the company (TRANSPORT) more than 45,000 passengers in one day. 4. Many people decided to use ferries, however the tickets were extremely hard to get. One British businessman, who was stuck in France, was running late for his wife's birthday. There were no tickets for foot passengers (LEAVE), but more expensive cyclists' tickets were still (AVAILABILITY). However, the ferry operators refused to sell him the tickets until he bought and showed them a bicycle. 5. Multinational executives turned to taxi companies, booking (JOURNEY) from Paris to Milan, from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and so on. One group of businessmen paid a taxi driver the (SHOCK) sum of £700 to take them from Belfast to London to be in time for a business conference. 6. Another taxi firm collected its biggest-ever fare when a group of (ADVENTURE) businessmen booked a (RIDE) from London to Switzerland. Their 700-mile journey started at 3.30 a.m., and more than thirteen hours later, at 4.45 p.m., they arrived in Geneva. After that they immediately took a plane to Portugal, where they had another meeting to attend. 7. Even the Royal Navy has not been too proud to get involved. The British (GOVERN) decided to use three ships to cross the English Channel and pick up stranded Britons from Europe. 8. Hotels all over the world were (FULL) booked, but some of them decided to use the situation to make even more profit. One (BRITAIN) couple stranded in Hong Kong reported that the night before the eruption a hotel room was 250 euros, then at midday, after it started, it was 460 euros, and in the evening the price was already 800 euros — so people had to go to the airport and sleep there.


Ответы и объяснения


1) disruptions

2) losses

3) transportates

4) left / available

5) journeys / shocking

6) adventourous / ride

7) government

8) fully / British