Complete the sentences wiyh the verbs in the Past Simple or the Present Perfect.

1. ... you (be) to London ? - Yes, I ... (be) there last summer .

2.She ... (never / fly) a kite.

3.The tourist ... (just / cross) the square.

4.They ... (cross) the street ... (turn) to the left,and ... (see) the boat.

5.We are very tired. We .. (just / clean) the house.

6. The students ... (visit) the Science Museum yesterday.They ... (spend) Science Night in the museum.


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1.  Have you been  to London ? - Yes, I was there last summer .

2. She has never  flown  a kite.

3. The  tourist  has just crossed  the square.

4.They  crossed  the  street turned  to the  left,and saw  the  boat.

5. We are very tired.  We have just  cleaned  the house.

6. The students visited  the Science Museum yesterday. They  spent  Science Night in the museum.