Пожалуйста! Очень срочно!!!
Напишите историю на английском про человека перенесшего землетрясение. Нужно придумать. Нужно написать 90 слов. Пример во вложение (пример человека перенесшего пожар, а нужно ЗЕМЛЕТРЯСЕНИЕ!!!


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hello. People haven"t yet subjugated the power of nature. so I want to tell you about the unfortunate case that happened with me last week My friend and I were at home when the earthquake began. We were scared. the window glass has been broken. The dishes have fallen down from the shelves. The light turned off.  outside resounded loud and terrified screams. we understood that not be able to come out quickly and safely. Then we decided to find a safe place in the house..

after a few minutes еverything was quiet  we were able to get out on outside and call for help, because we saw a wounded woman. but suddenly began a second wave of earthquakes all began to worry more. but fortunately earthquake quickly stopped. we called an ambulance and helped the woman. well that all have passed without serious consequences.  I wish that this event will never happen again.