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Bike (Old French. Vélocipède, from Lat. Vēlōx «fast" and pēs «foot") - wheeled vehicle propelled by human muscle power via foot pedals or (rarely) a hand lever. The most common bicycle with two wheels, but there are also single-wheel and three-wheel bicycles and bicycles with lots of wheels.
Rules of the road bike as Russia define "vehicle except wheelchairs, having two or more wheels and powered by a muscular force people on it". [2]
Now used worldwide over a billion bikes, so bike - the most common means of transport. He became one due to low cost, light weight, small size, lack of fuel, the relative safety and good value of effort to developing it speed.
In 2005, according to the survey of public opinion in the UK, the bike was as the greatest technological invention since 1800. Voted for the bike more respondents than any other invention, together. [3]