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1]No,now he is no longer a sceptical.  

2]No, he has never won the Tour de France

3]Yes , he took the illegal substances. He told that he would had sworn on any Bible that he wouldn't had taken illegal substances , but when he entered the system,his opinion had changed and he had taken the illegal substances.

4] No he did not abandon the tour

1)No, he is no longer a professional cyclist. 

2)Illegal substances mean here drugs

3)He is talking about the system of Tour de France

4)Opposite to word " professional" is a word "amateur" 

5)Here "wearing" means :have clothes on your body

6) abandon-отказываться,оставлять,бросать,отступать,покидать


8)Maddening is formed from a adjective "Mad" by adding to it an ending "ing" .So, this word describes a person who is going  mad .