Помогите сделать сочинение на тему 'будущее профессия' по англ должно быть 210 слов !!!


Ответы и объяснения


There are many professions  in the world  such as a doctor, a driver, a nurse, a  teacher, a worker, a seller and others. But my dream is to be a book-keeper. I have wanted to be an accountant since my childhood.

I like this profession because my Granny is an accountant, but it is only the first reason . I have chosen this profession because I like Math very much and I think that it is very interesting, though it is difficult and responsible.

This profession is very popular now. Every firm even the smallest one needs an accountant.

I have to enter the University to master this profession . Next year I'll leave school, pass my exams and try to enter the University. I'll have to study well to become a good specialist. I think that I'll earn much money if I work a lot.