What do you think of the Internet?

I am a big fan of ..

It's really ..

You can ... and ...

Also ...

It is also good for ..

Plus ..

The only problem with ... is ..

In brief, ..


Ответы и объяснения


Что вы думаете об Интернете?

Я являюсь большим поклонником ..

Это действительно ..

Вы можете ... и ...

Также ...

Это также хорошо для ..

Плюс ..

Единственная проблема, с ... ..

Короче говоря, ..


I'm a big fan of Internet.

It's really cool.

You can learn different news and play computer games.

Also listen to music and watch films.

It is also good for learning and self-development.

Plus, the development of thinking.

The only problem - an online relationship.

In brief, the Internet should be used wisely, do not waste your time wasting