ребят,пожалуйста очень очень срочно! помогите мне перевести текст,который выделен красной рамочкой) пунктов даю достаточно)


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Feats and festivals server to meet specific social and psychological needs of the people of the country.Holidays can be religious and secular,national and local,official and unofficial.The dates that are memorable to every Russian citizen are Victory Day,May Day,Constitution Day,Womens Day,and the Day of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation.These are national holidays;people do not work on these days.The most important date in Russian is Victory Day.Observed on May 9,it commemorates the Victory of the Russian troops over the Nazi invaders.On that day the veterans meet in the parks and squares of the cities to recollect the days of war and exchange greetings.Wartime musik is played everywhere.At night fireworks are let off.May Day is also very popular in our country.This is the day of friendship and support. 
One of the biggest festivals of the year is New Year.Peter I the Great decreed that New Year Should be marked in Russian on January 1.The coming of New Year is celebrated with a New Year Tree,presents,Grandpa Frost,European Santa Claus,and a hearty meal.In our country New Year is toasted in champagne at family gatherings.New Years feasts are widely covered by mass media. 
Recently new national holidays have been introduced in our country.These are Christmas and Easter.Christmas and Easter are both religious holidays.Now they are officially marked throughout our country.In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7. Easter is the most important holiday for the Orthodox.Besides the religious significance,these holidays have become the days of family reunion and happiness.

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Every country has its own holidays and festivals. In Russia people celebrate the New Year, Christmas,  Maslenitza,  Victory Day and many others. We have very strong tradition to celebrate the women’s day on March 8. On this day women get gifts,  we arrange parties and cook special  dishes.  If you go to visit your friends, don’t forget to take flowers to a mother of the family.  The national holiday of the whole country is the Victory Day on May 9.  In the morning we watch on TV  the parade on the Red  Square, and in the evening – numerous fireworks and performances on the open air, concerts which take places in the parks and on main squares of the city.   There are many regional festivals, for example a day of the watermelon in Astrakhan, a day of the cucumber in Suzdal.  During that days you can take a part in different contests and get a prize.  The most favorite children’s holiday is  New Year. They decorate Christmas trees, make fireworks, put on masks and  masquerade’s    costumes. Adults love this holidays too, they put on beautiful clothes, give gifts to each other and make photos.  This is the most funny family holiday.

The annual  carnival on an island – is very colorful spectacle.  The people of the island follow their traditions very strict – they put on  the monster’s masks and  different clothes. ( the costume are made  of  everything, start  with fruits and finish with old furniture) and have a lot of fun.