Пожалуйста помогите.Составьте предложения.Используя глаголы:get up,write,have,live,work,start,teach,read 1)I ? books. 5)They ? at 5 o'clock. 2)We ? letters. 6)The Browns ? the game. 3)Peter ? in Lukinsk 7)You ? History. 4)Inna and Alex ? in a hospital 8)She ? breakfast.


Ответы и объяснения


1) I read  books.

2) We write letters.

3) Peter lives in Lukinsk

4) Inna and Alex work  in a hospital

5) They get up  at 5 o'clock.


6) The Browns start  the game.

7) You teach  History./ Do you teach History?

8) She has  breakfast. / She is having breakfast.

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1)I write a nice book.

2)We read  a lot of letters.

3)Peter gets up early in the morning,

4)Inna and Alex work  in a hospital.

5)They have dinner  at 5 o'clock.

6)The Browns Family start their work.

7)You are teaching  History.

8)She has  breakfast.