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1)The mother says to her son,"Yow did you sleep?"
2)Richard said,"I shall pay the faze"
3)The shop-assistant said,"It costs 7 dollars"
4)Jack said,"I was in Londontwo years ago"
5)The man said,"I will rain soon"
6)Mary said,"I live in this house"
7)They said,"We have decied to stay a month in this hotel"
8)The railway man said,"The train had arrived in Sophie by 11 o'clock"
9)The boy said to his friend,"Shall we go to swim in the lake?"
10)One sports fan said to another,"Who haswon the game?"


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1) The mother asked her son as he slept

2) Richard said that he would pay faze

3) The shop-assistant said that it costs $7

4) Jack said he was in London two years ago

5) The man said that it will rain soon

6) Mary said that she lived in this house

7) They said that they have decided to stay in this hotel for a month

8) The railway man said that the train arrived in Sofia 11:00

9) The boy asked his friend if they go swimming in the lake

10) One fan asked another who won the game

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1. The mother asks her son how he slept.

2. Richard said that he would pay the faze.

3. The shop-assistant said that it costed 7 dollars.

4. Jack said that he had been in London two years ago.

5. The man said that it would rain soon.

6. Mary said that she lived in that hous.

7. They said that they had decided to stay a month in that hotel.

8. The railway man said that the train had had arrived in sophie by 11 o'clock.

9. The boy offered his friend to go to swim in the lake.

10. One sports fan asked another who had won the game.