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1."Let's go to Finland for the winter holidays," said Kate."No," said Andrew."we have already been to Finland. Let"s go to Greece. It will be very interesting to see the country we have read about so much.""All right, "said Kate,"let"s go."
2.Nellie said, "Yesterday I went to see Paul, but he was not at home. "Let"s go to see him today," said Nick. "I think he will be at home.""No" said Nellie, "I can"t go today, I am very busy."


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1. Kate offered to go to Finland for the winter holidays. But Andrew refused, he said that they had already been to Finland and offered to go to Greece. He said that it would be  very interesting to see the country they had read about so much. Kate agreed to go.

2. Nellie said that the day before yesterday she had gone to see Paul, bu he had not been at home. nick  offered to go to see him that day and said that he thought that Paul would be at home. But Nellie said that she couldn't go, she was busy that day.