помогите пожалуйста придумать соченение на тему "самое живописное место в минске". надо около 10 предложений (это по английскаму)



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Trinity Suburb (Trinity Hill) - the historic district of the city of Minsk, in the north-eastern part of the historical center on the left bank of the river Svisloch. No time is a trading and administrative center of the capital of Belarus.
To the west of the hill is the Minsk Trinity Site of ancient castle in the north-west - the gardens and Starostinskaya Tatar settlement in the north - Storozhevka the east - Gold Hill, in the south - central regions of high and low markets.
On the outskirts of the territory was located the first Catholic church in Minsk. There also were not kept up to the Holy Ascension Monastery with the church of the same name, St. Boris and Gleb Church, female Basilian monastery of the Holy Trinity (partially preserved) and the church and monastery of the Catholic religious order mariavitok. Now the suburb is one of the most favorite places of Minsk residents and guests of the capital.

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