продовжити твір... будь ласка дуже треба)) Harry was sleeping peacefully. He had a very late night and was fast asleep. However a sound could be heard from downstairs. It seemed to be coming from the living room.......


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He woke up. He was lieing and listening to sounds.  Somebody was moving in the living room. Harry stood up. He opened the door and listened again. He heard a woman talking. He went downstairs. "it is only a woman" he thought " I mustn't be afraid of a woman" But he was afraid. It was very spooky at night. He came up to the door of the living room. He heard a women moving, talking on the phone and making a noise. Harry thought that it was a thief. Came up close to the door. He wanted to open it but couldn't do it. He was  seized with fear. Suddenly the opened sharply. It stroke Harry's head. He fell down and lost consciousness. Only in the morning he opened his eyes and found himself on the floor. There was no woman there. He stood up and went to his room. He was not sure thar the woman had been there at night. He thought that it was a dream. He said nothing to his family. He didn't want them to think that he was crazy or sleepwalker.