Use the beginning of one of the fairy tales and tell it with the help of this words (piled around, tinsel, Baubles, fairy lights, Cracker, Sprouts, covering of icing, mince pie, bake) P.S Это упражнение 62 юнит 6, учебник English students book VII..просвещение…буду рад хотя бы одному решеному пункту) Всем добра =-) . Само задание просьба посмотреть во вложении. Так как лень было все перепечатывать) Тот ктоо хотя бы что нибудь решит гарантированно от меня благодарность на вашей странице))) ________________________________________________


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2. Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Ridding  Hood who lived with her mother. One day her mother, having made some custards and asked her to visit her grandmother. As Little Red Riding Hood loved her granny very much she agreed.  So Little Red Riding Hood set off through the deep, dark forest. She looked all around. There wasn't a sound. Then who should she meet but the big, wolf.  The wolf asked the girl whre was she going.  Although mother didn't allow her to speak with strangers, the girl answere that she was going to her mother, because she was ill. After that, the wolf offered to girl to pick some flowers to her grandmother. The girl wanted to make her grandmother happy that's why she started to pick flowers. Meanwhile, the wolf sped ahead through the deep, dark forest.  The wolf didn't want the grandmother to be happy, on the contrary, he wanted to eat her. So he swallowed  but in the end the hunters heard him and shoot him down.