ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА,СИЛЬНО ВАС ПРОШУ,ОТВЕЧУ ВЗАИМНОТЬЮ***************************))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Напишете сочинение на тему:"Для чего нужны домашнии питомцыну или чем они помогают"НО ТОЛЬКО НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ!ПРОШУ ВАС ОТВЕЧУ СПАСИБО!


Ответы и объяснения


There are pets that are necessary for human consumption. This is mainly domestic animals: cows, sheep, poultry. There are animals that are kept for the sake of beauty, comfort - cats, for example, are the most striking examples of this. But the theme of the works involves talking about animals - human helpers. It is appropriate here to recall the most loyal and long-time our friends - the horses and a dog. These animals have long been selflessly serve man. Without them, human civilization is like now, probably for another feudal level would be simply backward. After all, horses were the driving force that helps people in times of peace - for cargo transportation, farming, and during military battles - as a means of transportation in the mounted troops, and during the Great Patriotic War, horses could smuggle guns where not his way, however, one tank! Now the horse can be seen at most sports, but only from the grateful memory of this animal to erect a monument to all the cities! In rural areas, is still a horse, in a way, a saint, because that's what she was the nurse in the home. Perhaps that is why there is horse meat was considered something sinful. A loyal assistant man - a dog. For a long time it served to protect the houses and other buildings, helping on the hunt. During the war, many dogs have undermined the enemy tanks, bridges, trains, paying for it with their lives. In our time, the dog, in addition to protection, are also detective service in canine police units and rescue squads MOE. On this, the role of rescue dogs, you need a special mention. Many thousands of lives have been saved thanks to the sensitive nose of the animal! Dogs find people under the rubble in Armenia and the Kuril islands after a major earthquake, Buinaksk and Moscow after the terrorist attacks, countless times in the ordinary, everyday, situations that may not be as well known. How many offenders are not gone from the law by Tracker's quality dogs! How many illegal border crossing was prevented dogs, guards! The role of dogs in human society, in contrast to the horse, is still huge, and people are very grateful to this animal-mate, just a friend!

I have a cat. Its name is Vasya. It’s 3 years old. I brought him from the street. Our flat is rather small so a cat is the best variant for us. It is a small animal so it can lie on my laps and sleep in my bed or on the sofa. It is so fluffy, tender and warm! I love when Vasya is purring with pleasure. It’s the best animal for me. I like playing with Vasya. He is very cheerful and very funny. My cat is always very active during the second part of the day, closer to the evening time. He runs around, jumps, hangs on curtains, spoils wallpaper. My mom doesn’t like this, but what can we do – it’s an animal! He likes to eat fish and drink milk every day.