рассказать про любую войну о вопросам

1 in what country did the war / conflict happen?

2 where is this country situated

3 when did the conflict start

4 was the conflict settled or is it still going on

5 if settled how long did it last

6 was / is the conflict violent

7 what kind of conflict was / is it : political economic ethnic religious

8 in your opinion was it possible to prevent the conflict


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Elementary, Watson! 



The Great Patriotic War took place in 1941-1945. Germany attacked the USSR, June 22, 1941. This war ended in 1945, in which Russia defeated Germany. People who were taken prisoner in the war, were severely tortured, and eventually died. I think that the conflict can not be prevented, as the Nazis made a huge number of murders and did not intend to stop.