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SEREGA-russian the rap performer of the Belarusian origin who has become widely known thanks to hit "Black BMW". In the first press releases of the performer his stylistics were called as sports chastushkas. Personal жизнь:Серега was married to the Cuban model Dayami Morales who for the sake of the husband moved from Cuba to Ukraine. Now Ukraine the second house for the black beauty, in spite of the fact that Serega and Dayami Morales already not the husband and the wife. After two years of study in one of the Minsk universities it went for study to Germany where spent five years, being trained in political science and economy. There having been fond of music, he wrote down a joint track with the popular German rapper of Azad. The track was called "2 Kaiser", it was written down based on the Russian movie "Shadow-fighting". On this track the clip was released, and it was its first step to popularity. In 2007 the American company Rockstar Games which is engaged in development and the edition of computer games, included the song of Seryogi of King Ring in the third trailer of the game Grand Theft Auto IV developed by them then. Also Seryoga wrote down an exclusive track for Grand Theft Auto IV which Liberty City is called: The Invasion. In it it is sung how natives of Russia submit the USA.