Use the prompts to write pairs of sentences in the Present simple.

Пример: Laurie / like (+) chocolate ice cream (-) coffe ice cream

Laurie likes chocolate ice cream.

He doesn't like coffe ice cream.

1. On Sandays, my parents / go (+)swimming (-)to the cinema

2. He / live (+)in Spain (-)in Italy

3. Martina / play (+)table tennis (-)tennis

4. We / have (+)homework on Mondays (-)homework on Wednesdays

5. You / watch (+)football on TV (-)athletics


Ответы и объяснения


1-On Sundays, my parents  go swimming. They don't  go to the cinema

2-He  lives in Spain. He doesn't  live in Italy

3-Martina  plays table-tennis. Sha doesn't  play tennis

4-We  have  homework on Mondays. We don't  have hw on W-s

5-You  watch football on TV. You don't  watch athletics









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1. On Sandays my parents  go  to  swimming  .On Sandays my parents don't go  to the cinema.

2. He  lives  in Spain .    He doesn't  live in Italy.

3. Martina  plays  table tennis .  Martina  doesn't play  a tennis.

4. We  have  homework on Mondays .    We  don't have  homework on Wednesdays.

5. You  watch football on TV .  You  don't watch  athletics.