Вставте слова! the best, cleverer, interesting , more beautifull,nicer,the longest,the funniest,big older

1.there are a lot of.....shops in London.

2.peter is....pupil in the class.

3.mr smith is ......than mr grey.

4.i think than the monkey is......animal.

5.the elephants nose is...... .

6.i think mary is......thsn sally.

7.i think that the parrot is....pet.

8.this white puppy is....than that black one.

9.what an .....story it is!


Ответы и объяснения



1.There are a lot of big shops in London.

  2.Peter is the funniest pupil in the class.

  3.Mr smith is cleverer than mr grey.

  4.I think than the monkey is the best animal.

  5.The elephant's nose is the longest  .

  6.I think Mary is more older than Sally.

  7.I think that the parrot is a beautiful  pet.

  8.This white puppy is nicer than that black one.

  9.What an interesting  story it is!