Ответы и объяснения


1.Sport is one if the most important thing in my life. Sport support my health and help me to feel well.Yes, I like football. I spent a lot of time on the grass.Yes, I have. But unfortunatelly I didn't win anything.


1. Sports are essential in my life. I consider myself to be good at tennis (или любой другой вид спорта). Though I have never taken part in any kind of competitions, unfortunately.

2. People go in for sports for many reasons. It can be keeping fit or just a pleasure.

3. Sports help us to lose weight and become stronger. This is exactly the way how we can can keep fit with it.

4. I think the most popular sport in England is football (as the national team is very strong) and hockey is popular in Russia (by the reason of our cold weather which let sportsmen to train much more)

5. I like football. But being a girl (for whom it's not very common to play it), I prefer watching it on TV

6. I can call myself a football fan (или любой другой спорт). Либо: I can't call myself a fan of any sport. I watch some competitions on TV sometimes but not more.

7. I have never had a chance to watch competitions on the stadium. However I believe the atmosphere there must be amazing!

8. Yes, of course. Eurocup (football), Rolland Garros (tennis)

9. Summer sports: badminton, basketball, baseball, box, volleyball, equestrian sport(конный спорт), swimming, tennis, football, rowing (гребля)

Winter sports: skating, hockey, biathlon, skiing, bobsleigh

Indoor sports: gymnastics, judo, box, fencing, athletics, basketball, volleyball, swimming (can be also tennis and football but the competitions are usually played outdoors)

Outdoor sports: rowing, archery (стрельба из лука), biathlon, skiing, equestrian sport

10. a) skating (the most beautiful) b) parachuting (the most dangerous) c) swimming (the most useful for health) d) gymnastics (the most interesting to watch) d) golf (the least interesting to watch)