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She said, "My parents will come back in the evening, please, could you call later?"

He said, "Your dog bit my arm yesterday."

He says, "I sent her my letter on Monday because I was busy on the weekend."

Lena said, "A concert of the famous singer will be tomorrow, but I won't be able to go there because I'm going to visit my friends."

Ann told my mother, "People dancing this dance are very talented


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She said, that her parents would come back in the evening and asked them to call later.

He said that his dog had bitten his arm the day before yesterday.

He said  that he  had sent her his letter on Monday because he had been busy on the weekend.

Lena said that the  concert of the famous singer would be the following day, but she wouldn't be able to go there because she was going to visit  her friends.

Ann told my mother that people danced that dance were very talented.