Пожалуйста помогите, составить маленький рассказ про домашнего робота, что бы он мог сделать(придумайте), очень срочно надо!!!


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 Can we imagine how robots will be like in the future? In my opinion, then all pepole will have special home robots. I believe that they will do homework. Then parents will do less homework and they will have more time for communication with their children.

 I think that home robots will be small and pretty. Thy will not have many bottons and will be simply in running. Even children will be able to run them.

 If I had home robot, I would not do any homework, such as ironing, washing, cleaning the house, dusting and so on. But then I would cooking, because I love doing this very much. Moreover, in my opinion robots will not be able to cook such tasty, like people.