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I love my school. Every morning I get up to wash and go to school. There I and my classmates learn. I really like the school study English. I do not like the same shape.

Pupils like to go there even after the lessons, because it has a lot of sport equipment. 
Our school has many classrooms. 
The classrooms are light and spacious. 
There are three large windows in each classroom with flower pots on the window sills. 
Each room has teacher's table, pupils desks, blackboard, tables and charts on the wall, maps and portraits. 
There are special classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, 
History, Geography, English, and Russian. 
On the third floor there is a big nice assemble hall.


Our form-mistress is a teacher of Russian language and literature. 

We respect her very much, she is a kind and knowledgeable teacher. 
She teaches us Russian and is so fond of her subject, that each of us can not help liking too.
When I think about my school I don't remember its walls and desks; it is my teachers and school-mates who will be always with me. 
I am so thankful to our teachers for what they have done for us.



nHello! My name is Dasha. I am 13. I am in the 7th form at school №2 village Unjugan. I want to tell you about my school.  

Our school  was founded in 1989.  The number of my school is 2. The school year starts in September. The pupils of our school don't wear a school uniform. nAs for me, I like my school, because it is place where it is fun, my friends go to the same school, the teachers are very good, the school is not far from my house, it takes me about 10 min. to get to school on foot. nTeachers of our school are quite strict, but they are very good. We are not noise and lazy during lessons. As for us, we do not speak in class unless the teacher ask us to. Thank you for your attention!!!   Сделай в виде призентации!